August has been, in a nutshell, crazy. I finished up my internship, my family moved, moved back to campus, started RA training, and syllabus week was not a thing this year. I feel like I’m already so busy! Luckily, though, I’ve still had the opportunity to try a bunch of new things that are making my life easier, and some of them are giving me peace of mine.

Badia Chia Seeds


I have been trying to eat healthier at school, which is super hard when you live on campus and have a meal plan. However, breakfast is one of the meals that give me 100% control. I put a teaspoon of chia seeds in my morning oatmeal or smoothies, and while it doesn’t affect the taste, I know I’m getting a great supply of my amino acids and Omega-3s in just one meal! These tiny packs are so affordable, but you can get a large 22oz on Amazon for about $5!

Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips


I have pretty clear skin, but blackheads are something I’ve always struggled with getting rid of. They’re so noticeable, and make the pores on my nose look huge. When I use these every week, I get really grossed out BUT I feel so satisfied knowing that my nose (one of the oiliest parts of my face) is cleaned and my skin looks so much smoother – which gives me so much more confidence!


Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish in Provocative


This nail color is so bright and fun! It summons all the summer vibes while we transition into fall, and looks great with any skin tone. I’m holding onto this color until I’m forced to turn to a more muted autumn palette.

Eggtastic Ceramic Egg Cooker


This one may only be applicable to my readers still living in dorms (or in cars! or in hotels!) but this egg cooker has changed the way I eat breakfast – which is, as we all know, the most important meal of the day. Prep your egg in the cooker, add any other ingredients you might need – my favorites are pepper, bell peppers, and cheese – and cook for approximately 1 minute. They’re not as good as eggs cooked in a skillet, I’m not going to lie, but they’re still delicious as far as dorm-made eggs go!

Present Over Perfect – Shauna Niequist


This would be the item I mentioned earlier that has provided me piece of mind this month. While I’ve only had it for half a week, I’ve powered through a substantial amount of Niequist’s honesty and encouragement for other women. So often I feel like I always need to be doing more, more, more. It boggs me down, drains me, and sucks the passion I have away for so many things I love. Niequist inspires hope, change, and offers the beauty of reinventing our lives through the honesty of her own. Gold.

I’d love to know if you all try any (or all) of these products!!

-till next time! Niara


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